A Simpler Shopping Cart Process

Shoppers are already a part of frenzied life, trying to fit in all the other chores in their life in limited time. And online shopping remains a challenge for most of them. Making the shopping cart process easier and simpler can simplify things a lot and improve e-commerce. Buying last minute gifts or wanting a niche product still remains a challenge on internet, especially with a complicated shopping cart process.

Web retailers actually want to offer a great shopping experience for their consumers. But what most of them don’t realize is that most shoppers get discouraged if they find the shopping cart process not easy to follow. So as the first step to improve e-commerce, make the shopping process easy and intuitive.

Making the shopping cart process overly long is a sure shot way to lose your potential customer. Remove any un-necessary fields for unimportant information. Condense your checkout process to a max of 2 pages at most and with very few fields to fill in. Review the check out pages and fields and look out for ay scope of improvement. For instance, do you really need their third name or ask for their work phone? Avoid asking your consumers to confirm their email address twice to ease out the shopping cart process flow.

It is always better to offer the user the option of buying without having to register first. The user should be given this option to setup after they have completed out the details for the sale. Get rid of these website frictions which irk the buyer and leave the website in disappointment.

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