Disadvantages of E-commerce

After evaluating the pros and cons of e-commerce, there are some disadvantages of e commerce that have surfaced. As you must be aware, ecommerce is also characterized by technological and some intrinsic limitations which already restrict the number of people using this innovative system. Read on to know about the disadvantages of e-commerce for business.

One of the important disadvantages of e-commerce to customers is that the internet is still a dream for a great number of people. Due to the lack of knowledge or trust, a large number of people still avoid using the internet. They are still wary for any kind of financial transactions on web and refuse to have faith in the legitimacy of completely impersonal business transactions. Moreover, they still have reservations regarding disclosing personal and private information for security concerns, what with many scams surfacing on the web.

Another of the limitations and disadvantages of e-commerce is that it is not suitable at all for consumable commodities like food items. People favor shopping in the conventional way, rather than purchasing food products on the web. So e-commerce is not appropriate for such business sectors.

Sometimes a lot of phone calls and e-mails are be required till you get your desired products. These factors also pose as disadvantages of e-commerce to customers. If not satisfied with the product, returning it and getting a refund can be even more bothersome and time consuming.

Major disadvantages of e-commerce

  • Any one can easily start a business online whether they have good credentials or not so good ones.
  • Many online sites just eat up customers’ money.
  • There is still no guarantee of what you will get as a product.
  • Mechanical failures can cause unpredictable effects on the total processes.
  • There are many hackers always looking for opportunities, and thus e-commerce sites, are always prone to attack.
  • To wrap up on the disadvantages of e-commerce for business we can say that the advantages of e-commerce still outweigh the disadvantages. A proper strategy needs to be developed to address the technical issues. It is essential to build up customers trust in the system gradually. These steps will go along way in eliminating the disadvantages of e-commerce and help it adapt to the changing needs of the world.

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